Insulation mattresses for your industry

We support technical and industrial applications of insulation mattresses, insulation jackets, flexible insulation blankets. 

We help customers working at wide range of projects like insulation for boiler rooms, heating plants, power plants, insulation for ships, brewery insulation, production facitlities and many more. 


Insulation mattresses are great solution for marine and shipbuilding sector. This lightweight insulation fits perfect for pipes, valves, exhausts, or scrubbers. 


Industrial insulation sectors like power plants, petrochemicals, waste to energy plants utilise insulation jackets for valves, turbine insulation, compensators, boiler access hatches and other pieces of equipment. 


Breweries, coffee roasting facilities, food plants are just a few examples of locations where you can use insulation mattresses and benefit from energy conservation and prevent heat loss. 


Insulation for nuclear power plants requires custom choise of special materials and detailed work of high quality. 

Our removable balnkets for serve customers in nuclear sector. 

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We support our customers with various custom made insulation mattresses. Clients trust us with heat exchanger insulation covers, valve jackets and many more bespoke insulation products. 

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sustainable technology for your Insulation Projects

Insulation Mattresses help in lowering CO2 emissions by reducing heat and energy loss. What is more, flexible insulation blankets are more sustainable than metal sheet boxes due to lower embeded carbon emissions.