Nuclear plant insulation


Nuclear plant insulation emerges as an unsung hero in the intricate landscape of nuclear power plants, where precision and safety converge. In the realm of energy production, nuclear power stands as a reliable and efficient source that plays a pivotal role in meeting the world’s energy demands. However, operating a nuclear power plant entails stringent […]

Why removable insulation mattresses are great insulation solution?

Food and Beverage Production Removable Insulation Mattresses and Flexible Textile Insulation Covers

Why removable insulation mattresses or flexible textile insulation covers are great insulation solution for your industrial projects?   The main advantages of removable insulation mattresses are: easy to install lightweight no need for specialist training or contractors for installation or removal flexible in shape great coverage of insulted medium fast investment return due to low […]

How to save energy in a brewery with insulation?


Brewery insulation is a topic not only for brewery owners or operators. Similar principles and recommendations are valid for other food and beverage production facilities. You can use the tips from this blog post and apply them to almost any place with hot and cold pipes, vessels or process installations. Although breweries have their own […]

Turbine insulation blankets


Turbine insulation with removable insulation blankets helps keeping gas and steam turbines operational with high efficiency. Insulation mattresses for turbine insulation are still the most popular form of providing heat shield around the turbine casing. Efficient performance of turbine is necessary for smooth operation of a power plant. Therefore, in this article we will touch […]

Pre-Insulated Ducts: The Perfect Solution for Modular Construction

Pre-insulated ducts have gained significant traction as one of the systems used in modular buildings. As modern construction methods become more popular, MEP contractors, builders and developers are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, speed up installation, and improve overall energy performance. In Madrass, we offer these among many of our […]

Advantages of encapsulating acoustic insulation

Ceiling Acoustic Insulation Pads

Why you should encapsulate acoustic insulation for suspended ceilings or acoustic wall cladding? Acoustic insulation pads may support your design when it comes to noise absorption. Noise not only influences quality of our lifestyle but it also impacts our well-being at work. Excessive sound can cause a lot of issues in any workplace or public […]

Removable insulation jackets types we supply


What types of removable insulation jackets do we supply? Industrial insulation jackets offer a huge variety of specialist insulation materials which differ in application and technical requirements. We support customers from different business sectors like shipbuilding, power generation (including nuclear plants insulation), food and beverage production, automotive, machining, aerospace and architectural fit-out. Each of these […]

Valve insulation jackets on our UK industrial project


Valve insulation jackets supplier supporting industrial insulation project Valve insulation jackets are one of our most popular products among turbine insulation blankets and pre-insulated ducts. These jackets were part of a large recent order copleted on a project in the UK. There were almost 1,500 valves on the whole plant. Some of our removable valve […]

Insulation Materials CNC Cutting Services


We supply not only bespoke removable insulation jackets and acoustic insulation pads. Now we can also offer precision cutting of insulation materials using CNC equipment. There are several benefits of using die cutting for insulation materials. This post demonstrates how we can support wide range of industries with our precision cutting service. Recently we expanded […]

Heat Exchanger Insulation Jackets


Heat exchanger insulation jackets are another product in our wide insulation products portfolio. We offer not only CNC cut insulation, turbine insulation blankets or valve insulation jackets. A portion of our works include customised heat exchanger insulation. Manufacturers or installers of such equipment insulate them for various reasons. Nevertheless, once you select heat exchanger insulation […]