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about us - Madrass

In Madrass we have been working in the industrial insulation sector over 25 years. 

During that time we completed numerous projects.

Some of them consisted of single valve insulation jacket and others involved thousands of elements for turibine insulation. 

Each one of these orders added to the collective experience and knowledge. 

You can entrust us with your removable insulation blankets order no matter how small or big it is. 

features and benefits of Madrass - insulation mattresses removable covers

What makes us standout



We draw all insulation mattresses with CAD software. Our customers prefer this solution because they can easily comment or change things. 

Digitalision improved our quality control procedures and reduces amount of errors at the production stage. 



Even though we produce removable insulation blankets manually, there are certain steps which we automate. For example, we use CNC cutting of textile fabrics. This process speeds up manufacturing of insulation mattreses. 


Reliable partners

We would not be able to operate without our trusted based of partners. These are suppliers, distributors and logistic companies. With a wide network of connections we can accomplish small and large projects. 


worldwide reach

Global capacity

Madrass customers appreciate our capacities which allow for fast turnaround and short lead times for global projects. 

experience to be trusted

Our Accomplishments

100 +
Insulation Mattresses supplied
10000 +
travelled by the CNC cutting machine
5000 km+