We support our customers and their requirements with several core products for insulation mattresses. Whether it is an architectural fit-out project or industrial plant we helped contractors from various sectors in designing, manufacturing and supplying customised flexible insulation covers. Our main insulation mattresses products are listed below.

Nuclear Insulation – Removable blankets with fully encapsulated material










We support our customers with the design and supply of removable insulation blankets for nuclear plants.

In the realm of energy production, nuclear power stands as a reliable and efficient source that plays a pivotal role in meeting the world’s energy demands.

Nuclear insulation serves multiple purposes. Firstly, we use it for maintaining optimal temperatures. Secondly, we apply it for noise and acoustic reasons. Last but not least we also use it for radiation shielding.

Turbine Insulation Blankets


Flexible turbine insulation blankets are essential for efficient operation of a steam or gas turbine. Removable turbine insulation allows power plant operators to easily access and maintain vital parts of their turbines. Proper insulation design, manufacturing and installation helps in keeping turbines under uniformed temperatures without excessive thermal stresses. What is more, it protects service personnel from high temperature as well.

Valve Mat – Removable Insulation Jackets for valves

Valve removable insulation cover

Quite frequently our valve removable insulation jackets are used on industrial facilities like power plants, energy from waste plants, petrochemical plants. Mechanical equipment consists of different types of valves and our valve mats a bespoke solution to fit into the specific location in between insulation covered with metal sheets. Removable insulation jackets for valves can be from a single part or multiple items to allow for  accommodating any fittings, pipes, flanges or handles. If you are a plant owner or operator than the Valve mat should be your preferred solution for valve insulation. It helps you save maintenance costs and speeds up removal and re-installation of insulation for valves.

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Heat Exchanger Insulation Jackets


Heat exchangers often require suitable insulation. We support our customers with bespoke design and manufacture of heat exchanger insulation jackets. There are several reasons why you would want to insulate a heat exchanger. Heat exchanger engineers or operators use insulation jackets to prevent heat loss, prevent condensation on cold systems, protect personnel from high temperatures or protect system from freezing.

Manhole and Access Hatches Insulation Mattresses

Removable Insulation Cover for Boiler Manhole

Industrial facilities like power plants are often furnished with numerous manholes and access hatches within the boiler, FGT, filters, hoppers, air or flue gas ducts. In order to stop the excessive heat loss through manholes we produce removable insulation covers that fit into the openings and serve as thermal insulation. These removable mattresses are also manufactured to specific sizes. With temperature resistance up to 1200°C our removable insulation covers for manholes and access hatches can be used in most demanding industrial environments.

Pre-insulated ducts


Pre-insulated ducts have become a valuable solution for modern and modular construction due to their enhanced insulation, quick installation, and improved energy efficiency. These pre-fabricated duct systems come with integrated insulation, minimizing heat transfer and optimizing space utilization. In modular construction, they offer flexibility, adaptability, and time/cost efficiency. Compliance with standards and proper installation/maintenance are essential. Pre-insulated ducts streamline HVAC systems, providing benefits like superior insulation, swift installation, space optimization, and energy efficiency. They contribute to reduced heat loss or gain, ensuring consistent temperatures and lower energy consumption. With their modular design, pre-insulated ducts seamlessly integrate into the construction process, saving time and labor. Their lightweight and compact nature simplifies transportation and logistics. In conclusion, pre-insulated ducts are a practical solution for modern construction, offering improved insulation, efficiency, and cost savings.

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SoundStop Pad C – acoustic insulation mattresses solution for suspended ceilings

Ceiling Insulation Pads

Our SoundStop Pad C is a dedicated, non-combustible product for suspended ceilings that enhances the ceilings acoustic performance. It consists of glass or mineral wool matt encapsulated in glass-fibre or e-glass fabric. SoundStop Pad C helps to reduce airborne noise and due to tight encapsulation it provides rigid seal that stops flow of fibres in the air. Material used for fabrication of this acoustic insulation pads is fire rated. Internal part of the pad can be filled in with any specific acoustic insulation material of your choice. Our ceiling insulation  pads can be fabricated to any shape you desire. It can be prepared either to a square tile to fit on top of most of the standard ceiling grids or it can be fabricated to circular, triangular, trapezoidal, half-moon, curved, etc. When installed on top of the perforated acoustic ceiling these pads can be partially visible. With standard range of colours  the acoustic insulation pad can be selected to match the suspended ceiling colour or to be in contrast with the ceiling colour. Furthermore, we are able to accommodate any cut-outs for lighting, speakers, fire or smoke detectors or anything else fixed within the suspended ceiling grid. Our ceiling insulation pads can fit any manufacturers systems, like Armstrong, SAS or Lindner.

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SoundStop Pad W – insulation mattresses for acoustic cladding

Insulation Pad for Wall Cladding

SoundStop Pad W is very similar to our ceiling insulation pad. This product, however, is dedicated to wall acoustic cladding systems. Due to installation in vertical position it can be manufactured with additional fixings provisions – either with metal rings for screws, hooks or pins or with straps or other type of fixings. Depending on the size of the cladding panels our SoundStop Pad W can cover the surface in full or be divided into smaller pieces. Thickness and density of the insulation material can be customised to suit the acoustic design.

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