What types of removable insulation jackets do we supply?

Industrial insulation jackets offer a huge variety of specialist insulation materials which differ in application and technical requirements. We support customers from different business sectors like shipbuilding, power generation (including nuclear plants insulation), food and beverage production, automotive, machining, aerospace and architectural fit-out. Each of these divisions has its own unique environment and own characteristics that requires different insulation mattresses. These are manufactured from renowned products of Rockwool, Paroc or Morgan Ceramics. In this post we will cover just a few examples.


Removable insulation covers for low temperature application

These types of removable insulation jackets are most popular in Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning industry. However, they are also used in power generation for piping or ducting with low temperature medium. These could be for example, insulation for drain and vent pipes, hot water pipes insulation, valve station insulation or boiler house insulation. The main purpose in this case is to preserve and maintain medium temperature and minimise heat loss. Another reason why removable insulation jackets are used for low temperatures is to prevent condensation on cold pipes or valves.

What does removable insulation jacketing consist of?

Insulation mattresses for this purpose are manufactured from textile material with silicone coating. Mattress is filled with either glass wool, mineral wool insulation, ceramic wool, aerogel or any other type of insulating material. This textile is sewn with industrial grade threads. In order to facilitate the fixing of removable insulation blankets we use different types of fasteners. These can be hooks and wires, material straps and clamps, Velcro straps, metal bands or any other type of fixing required by the design or specific project.

Removable Insulation Jacketing surface materials:

We work with high quality manufacturers of textile products and we use following surface materials for the cover of insulation:

Insulation mattresses for industrial application


Madrass specialise in supplying removable insulation covers which are also called mattresses or removable jackets to industrial markets like shipbuilding, power generation or breweries.

We partnered with prequalified manufactures from Poland with over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing removable insulation covers for:

Product Range for removable insulation blankets

In Madrass we undertake major projects in various industrial areas of:

Our major areas of interest are, but not limited to:

Major Project References in supply of removable insulation jackets


Removable insulation jackets for Shipbuilding Industry

We help companies from shipbuilding sector in supplying customised removable insulation covers.

Materials used for manufacturing of these removable jackets meet requirements of DNV, COFRAC and US Coast Guard Certification and are marked with “wheelmark” format.

Removable insulation covers can be used in temperature range from -50°C (-58°F) to 1200°C (approx. 2200°F).

We deliver specific quality certification and declaration of performance for each order.

Shipbuilding references for insulation mattresses

1Ship Equipment InsulationPolandBaltec MarineSupply of low and high temperature resistant removable insulation covers for exhaust ducts, scrubbers, valves, compensators, piping, scrubbers


Some of the Turbine Insulation References for removable insulation mattresses

1Wrotkow Power PlantPolandPGERemovable Insulation Covers for Steam turbine insulation with temp. up to 500°C approx. 120m2
Removable Insulation Covers for Gas turbine insulation with temp. up to 1000°C – approx. 500m2
2Siemens TurbinesGermanyWendtRemovable Insulation Covers for 7 gas turbines insulation with temp. up to 1000°C approx. 750m2
3Mondi Paper PlantAustriaMondiRemovable Insulation Covers for Steam turbine insulation with temp. up to 500°C approx.

Food and Beverage Production Insulation References – insulation jackets for valves

1Carlsberg BreweryPolandCarlsbergRemovable insulation jackets for valves – low temperature insulation.
2Sugar RefineryPoland Removable insulation jackets for valves and heat exchangers – 100 pieces.


Machinery Insulation Jackets References

1Heavy Duty DiggersPolandDresstaRemovable insulation jackets for engine hood– freeze protection up to -50°C
2Janbacher EnginesAustriaJanbacherRemovable insulation jackets for engine and pipes

It is certainly a great advantage that all our insulation jackets and mattresses are cut using CNC cutting equipment for insulation. This method ensures high quality cuts and faster order processing. 



Do you have your own enquiry about removable insulation covers? Let’s get in touch. Please use the contact form on our website, or give us a call.


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